1. Assists the Governor on the Transformation process and activities.
  2. Acts as a catalyst for change and collaborates with other Ministries, Departments and Agencies both at State and Federal levels.
  3. Implementation, review, evaluation and report on Government transformation blue print/change agenda from time to time.
  4. Provision of Management Support Services to MDAs which include:
  • Internal Consultancy Services;
  • Organization and Methods;
  • Organizational Development;
  • Manpower Planning;
  • Job Evaluation;
  • Job Grading ;
  1. Develops performance measurement criteria/format for the Public Service.
  2. Develops procedures initiatives that would enhance productivity, effective service delivery and minimize cost in the State Public Service.
  3. Harmonization of technical support services from foreign partners with Government’s Change Agenda.
  4. Provides oversight function across the service on the development, implementation and periodic review and evaluation of Service Charters and One Stop Public Enquiry Services (OSPES), as well as Creativity and Innovation.
  5. Coordinates creative & Innovative ideas that improves on service delivery.
  6. Distills innovatives ideas.
  7. Runs a centre for Creativity and Innovation.
  8. Any other duties that may be assigned.


The office is headed by a Director General and includes five Departments.


  • Assists the Governor on transformation process and activities.
  • Acts as a catalyst for change in collaboration with other Ministries, Departments and Agencies both at the State and Federal level.
  • Implements, reviews, evaluates and reports on Government transformation blueprint /change agenda from time to time.
  • Runs a centre for creativity and innovation.


  1. Reforms Department
  2. Management Services Department
  3. Branding, OSPES and Service Charter (BOS) Department
  4. Administration and Human Resources Department (A&HR)
  5. Account Department.
  6. Creativity and Innovation Department.


The Reforms Department 

The Reforms Department is one of the Technical Departments in OTCI charged with responsibilities in the areas of Reforms and Performance Management System as follows:

(1)Reforms Responsibilities:

  • Initiation of policies and programmes towards enhanced Public governance, Public Service efficiency and effective service delivery;
  • Re-engineering of MDAs for improved performance through:

(a)Corporate Planning process, development, implementation and    monitoring.

(b)Harmonization of technical support from foreign partners with Government change agenda.

  • Performance Management System’s Responsibilities:
  • Establishing for the State’s Public Service, Performance Appraisal and feedback system toward ensuring that MDAs and Staff Job Performances are properly documented, evaluated and reported;
  • Liaising with core establishment agencies on the need to entrench robust staff Performance Management System in the State’s Public Service;
  • Designing of appraisal instrument both for MDAs and staff;
  • Sensitization on the appraisal system;
  • Reviewing the Performance Management System as may become necessary;
  • Guiding MDAs to know and identify pratical steps to get the best out of staff;
  • Guiding appropriate units of the Administration and Human Resources Directorate on staff Performance Management System.

The Management Services Department

 The Management Services Department acts as a catalyst for change and collaborates with other Ministries, Departments and Agencies both at the State and Federal level. It provides management support services to MDAs which include:

  • Internal consultancy services
  • Job evaluation and salary administration in

collaboration with the Office of Establishment,

Pensions &Training;

  • Project information management, analysis and


(d)       HR Implementation and Monitoring in MDAs.


  • Organisation Review/Restructuring in MDAs.
  • Staff Audit (in terms of skills and


(c)        System and Process Review in MDAs.

(d)       Management Audit/ Review in MDAs.

(e)       Collection of Information on Salary Structure in

the Public Sector, both at the State and Federal


(f)       Address all complaints on salary administration

matters service- wide.

  • Carry out Job Evaluation for the purpose of determining compensation service-wide.
  • Coordination, facilitation and monitoring of implementation of Administration and Human Resource(A& HR) process in MDAs
  • Other related Management Consultancy Assignments.
  • Maintenance and updating of reference books needed for office Consultancy Assignments.



A Service Charter is a public document that informs Customers about an MDA’s services, outlines Citizens’ rights and responsibilities, as well as relevant avenues for communication. It specifies standards of Service Delivery in the form of a series of commitments, entitlements, or promises upon which customers can expect, and demand quality service as a right; and to which they can also complain when services fail. In a nutshell, Service Charters describe the service experience a Customer can expect and contains key information about an MDA’s Service Delivery approach, and the relationship & experience the Customer will have with the Ministry or Agency.


A One-Stop Public Enquiry Service point for the citizens, and the first face of Lagos State Government’s transformation in action, interfacing with the public and raising the quality of professionalism, efficiency, courtesy, and excellent Customer Service Delivery that meets international standard at all times. OSPES will ensure visitors to all public facing Ministry’s, Departments and Agencies are received in a professional manner that meets global best practice standard at all times.

CITIZENSGATE (e-Governance Platform)

The Lagos State Citizensgate (LSCG) e–Governance platform was launched on the 30th of January, 2017.  It is an integrated web and mobile-based platform through which Lagos State’s Citizens can lodge feedback with the state government on various services provided, receive faster responses on services and interact with the government via web and phone.

The objective of the initiative is to manage the relationship between the Citizens and Government to ensure Excellent Service Delivery to the Citizens, thereby bringing Governance closer to the people. Still in line with Lagos State’s drive for Excellent Service Delivery to its Citizens, the web/App based portal allows Citizens to lodge feedbacks, in form of complaints, suggestions, enquiries and commendations, on Government activities on their fingertips and from the comfort of their homes or whatever location they are.


Ease of Doing Business index of the World Bank Group ranks countries on the simple average of 10 sub-indices, which are directly under the control of National and sub-National Governments.    Office of the Vice President launched the Presidential Enabling Environment Council (PEBEC) to coordinate the business environment reforms in the country.

At a meeting held on 13th April, 2017 between the Federal Government and the Lagos State Government, His Excellency the Governor of Lagos State directed the Office of Transformation, Creativity and Innovation (OTCI) to coordinate the activities of the Ministries identified as critical stakeholders under the ease of doing business i.e. Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development (MPPUD) and Lands Bureau. The EoDB initiative is addressing the issue of dealing with the cumbersome processes/procedures of transacting business in Lagos State. Having a seamless process for business transactions will help increase State budget through Foreign Direct Investors (FDIs) and Local investors, it will also encourage business opportunities that will boost the State’s IGR.

The potential to bring in multiple sector Investments will result in economic growth with associated multiplier/value chain effect that will ultimately increase the State’s IGR, build economic and human capital assets, ensure compliance to State Urban Renewal Master plan, bring about a transparent process for all stakeholders identified and strict adherence to M&E criteria, project milestones and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and help with the development of State resources to meet international demand that will in turn result to increased IGR.



  1. In charge of General Admin
  2. Advising on general administrative matters
  • Preparing and approving minutes of admin meetings
  1. Collating, storing and analysing data about admin processes
  2. Taking responsibility for administrative development planning
  3. Coordinating project management
  • Assisting in the formulation, execution and review of admin policies and processes
  • Preparing statutory and periodic reports
  1. Setting of internal operating standards
  2. Scheduling management tasks
  3. Providing support for daily executive duties
  • Handling correspondence
  • Screening, monitoring, recording and tracking internal/external MDAs correspondence
  • Registry management
  1. Preparing annual estimates of office expenditure
  • Provision of offices for all staff
  • Ensuring a clean and secure office environment
  • Ensuring availability of adequate lighting, water, email, fax, computers etc.
  • Ensuring availability of stationeries, store and adequate photocopying services/facilities.


  1. Job evaluation
  2. Job classification
  • Workforce planning
  1. Recruitment
  2. Selection
  3. Appointment
  • Interns/NYSC
  • Induction/On-boarding
  1. Deployment
  2. Transfers
  3. Probation


  1. Appraisal
  2. Promotion
  • Advancement
  1. Conversion
  2. Career development
  3. Career planning
  • Training
  • Talent management
  1. Confirmation


  1. Exits
  2. Pensions
  • Payroll
  1. Salary reviews
  2. Benefits/insurance
  3. Gender and social inclusion
  • HR MIS/Oracle
  • Key performance indicators
  1. Reporting
  2. Registry
  3. Monitoring and evaluation
  • Employee surveys
  • Nominal roll


  1. Appeals
  2. Discipline
  • Grievance
  1. Whistle-blowing
  2. Sickness and medical
  3. Leave & Absence
  • Industrial relations
  • Workforce assessments
  1. Health and safety
  2. Staff welfare


The following are the core responsibilities of Creativity and Innovation Department:

  • It coordinates Creative & Innovative ideas that improve on service delivery;
  • Distills Innovative Ideas;
  • Responsible for running a centre for Creativity and Innovation;
  • Responsible for running a secretariat for the new Creativity and Innovation centre;
  • The Department will establish and train Creativity and Innovation desk officers in MDAs, which includes capacity building for OTCI team in creative thinking;
  • Partnering with other innovation centres worldwide.
  • Running an Annual Lagos State Government Talent Discovery Event.


It performs accounting services in the following areas:

  • Funds processing and disbursement of the funds to the end user;
  • Ensures safe-keeping of the un-utilized funds;
  • Ensures proper recording of all financial transactions relating to the office;
  • Signatory to all bank accounts of the Agency;
  • Ensuring thorough reconciliation of banks balance with cash book balance;
  • Monitoring of the expenditure of the office through the vote book, by ensuring that spending falls within the balance of the relevant vote of charge;
  • Providing Financial Advisory Services to the Management;
  • Withdrawal of funds from the bank and disbursement of funds to the spending Department.