Public Servants in the State have been urged to use Government and Personal information within their custody wisely.

The Director General, Office of Transformation, Creativity and Innovation (OTCI), Mr. Toba Otusanya gave the charge during the sensitization Programme organized for members of staff of OTCI at Alausa, Ikeja,on Data and Knowledge Information Privacy Protection.

According to him, the need to be well informed on the DO’s and Don’ts of Data Privacy and Information Management , especially as it relates to the Public Service cannot be over-emphasized, as there are certain things Public Servants and Public Officials need to be mindful of when handling information and data, personal or official.

He said the social media has advantages and disadvantages as information travel so fast sometimes without ones knowledge to unknown people and places which could expose one to dangers.

He therefore cautioned Public Servant to always play by the rules in handling government information and Data especially those classified as sensitive.

While commending the President, Data and Knowledge Information Privacy Protection Initiative, Mr. Tokunbo Smith for sharing his wealth of experience on the subject matter, he encouraged members of staff to always play safe and protect data in their various Departments from being misused.

On his part, the President of Data and Knowledge Information, Privacy Protection Initiative, Mr. Tokunbo Smith during his presentation, emphasized the need for Public Servants to be careful with the kind of information they share on social media due to the digital age, as they are being monitored.

“We are under surveillance anytime we use digital devices; our mobile phone providers track our location, knows who’s with us and what we do on our phones”, he said.

While highlighting some insights on data privacy, he said privacy is personal and costly, therefore individuals should bear in mind each time they want to share data, personal and official, the following: Is my data safe?; what could happen if my data is made public?; how could my data be used against me?; how should government or private data be protected and used by the employee?; how do I protect my privacy?; and what information do I share online?.

Others issues to also be mindful of include what information should I disclose about myself?; and what are employees’ responsibilities on data to their organization and government?.

While commending the management of OTCI for the various reforms initiatives introduced, which according to him have transformed the State’s Public Service remarkably, Mr. Smith thanked the DG for the privilege given to him to sensitize Staff and Management of OTCI.